Friday, July 15, 2016

She Put the Her in Hurt

In May of 2016, Blake Shelton released the song, "She's Got a Way With Words." I love this song. It's different, it's quirky, and it's fun to sing along.

[If you've not heard it yet, the YouTube video is below.]

Using romantic breakups as fodder (cheap food) for your next lyrical masterpiece is not new; Taylor Swift has made a fortune doing just that. There is one difference though, they say that Blake did NOT write these lyrics. Apparently he found them to be a good fit to pretty much end the emotional journey of the breakup of his marriage to Miranda Lambert.

So why did country music legend Blake Shelton create such controversy when he did the same?

Usually the double standard scenario is unfair to women, but in this case, the tables are turned and emotional lyrics from a man are being judged and critiqued.

Whatever the case, Blake and Christina Aguilera appear to be very much in love and quite happy, and I wish them well.

"She put the her in hurt" is definitely my favorite line from the song, but all of them work to entertain those of us who like to play with words.

Thank you Blake.


She put the her in hurt
She put the why in try
She put the S.O.B. in sober
She put the hang in hangover
She put the ex in sex
She put the low in blow
She put a big F.U. in my future
Yeah she’s got a way
She’s got a way with words


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